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Friday, August 26, 2011

Irene Hurricane

Hurricane is coming in USA.
Till now one person is killed. For a very long time it happened that New York has been evacuated and everything has to be stopped to control the loss of life. The New York has been called the City of lights and for the first time in the whole century it has been evacuated.
Flights has been cancelled because of heavy wind.
Saturday Night it will struck the New York City and in the morning it will strike at Atlantic city.
May God take Care of everybody.
I will try to post latest updates about irene hurricane from now on.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Stage Collapses at Indiana State

Five Killed and many other Injured in Indiana State when the stage collapses.
That is really a bad thing.

Friday, August 12, 2011

EnD VioLEnCe

Tariq Jahan had the dignity, the compassion and the common sense to demand an end to the violence that had shattered his life with the death of his son Haroon.Tariq Jahan the Father of Haroon deliever a sensible message to everyone,that calm down and don't do bad things.Just pray for everyone. Because doing long march or strikes wont bring back his son and the other persons who r killed in all this violence.
So being a Muslim he gave good example that go back to Ur homes and say Ur prayers and pray for everyone.This is what Islam teaches us.Everybody have to follow those things.
God Bless there souls.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

God Bless UK

Its really been going very bad in UK. Our Country Pakistan is facing such type of issue quite a long time. Everybody blames Pakistan whatever happened, Look at that what happened in UK. Because if such type of incidents happen any where in the world nobody can stop those things. Those people who believe that they r very socialize and nothing gone bad and whatever they r doing right now is a right thing or not. They will have to think EITHER they r RIGHT or Wrong.
Life is a precious thing.Don,t waste on such type of useless things.
If somebody has done something wrong, u and everybody have to control there temper and sit together to rectify  what has gone wrong.
Don,t behave like ill mannered or illiterate people.
May Allah protect everyone  from every bad thing.

UK Riots

UK riots: 'Those who seek to racialise this problem are taking us backwards'

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Planet of the Apes

The apes have conquered the multiplex.
Fueled by great word of mouth, 20th Century Fox'sRise of the Planet of the Apes opened to $54 million at the domestic box office—$20 million more than the best forecast.
Rise of the Apes is particularly drawing notice for its photo-realistic apes, which were created byPeter Jackson’s Weta Digital using advanced performance capture technology. Andy Serkisplays the ape Caesar, and is the movie’s lead character.Search 

Monday, August 1, 2011

U.S. Congress still to vote on pact

Two days before the deadline for a possible U.S. government default, President Barack Obama and congressional leaders finally agree on a package to extend the country's debt limit.