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Sunday, June 5, 2011

ASUS Windows 7 tablet

ASUS will be releasing a Windows 7-enabled tablet.
ASUS is like everyone else unsure about what direction the market is moving in.
The question is what the people want. Just browsing and running basic applications from the app stores, or actually doing advanced work.
Due to the nature of Windows 7, it’s to expect that ASUS will come with a higher-spec device than the Eee Pad.

I think this is the best Android tablet device currently available. 
If your interested you can find out more

16GB Eee Pad Transformer Tablet
32GB Eee Pad Transformer Tablet
Eee Pad Transformer Sleeve (Black)

Some of the important features are as :
It is low-priced.
It has a smooth touchscreen interface.
It has a stylish design.
I can be easily connected to Xbox and other gaming devices.
It is very thin and super light weight making it possible for you to carry it to anywhere you go.
It has a good battery life.
It has a high resolution which gives you clear and rich images on movies or videos including lucid and very readable texts from ebooks.
It’s totally wireless and portable.
The operating system (Windows XP Home Edition) allows users to easily familiarize the features and function.

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