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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Upcoming Samsung Smart phones 2012

Nowadays smartphones are more likely to be common.Because of tough comepetition in the market there is a race between the manufacturers and with everyphone there is something new

Samsung, the world’s most emergent smartphone maker over the past year, has confirmed it intends to push the barriers of mobile computing, committing to releasing a 2GHz dual-core powered handset by 2012.

The development of a 2GHz dual-core chip would provide new Samsung smartphones with data processing capacities of 4GHz, with the company considering selling the processing units separately.

The chip itself is still in development by Samsung and is expected to be launched under the Exynos brand, a company that it uses to launch processors since February.

Although the electronics giant has opted to build a dual-core processor because it believes it is better optimised for smartphone devices.

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